This coat hides my muffin tops.

More Chris Than Even Chris Can Stand, Thanx Lola

If you're an average Bonita Springs resident you probably don't know what a meme is.  For the sake of regular readers and subscriber I will tell you that being memed is a way to play tag on the internet for us "nerdy types".  It's a type of viral blog posting.  You're currently reading my blog Life in Bonita Springs and I was tagged on Lola Audu's Grand Rapids Blog.  Lola is a real estate broker in Michigan. 

The point of the blog meme is to share information about oneself.  The rules are: 

  • Give 7 interesting details
  • Tag at least 2 other people.

Now I just KNOW you're dying to know:

  1. I have lived in Bonita Springs for over twenty years.  Raised my kids here, they were born here. (they just turned 20 years old) Yes, they...they're twins.  When I go, I go big.
  2. My daughter and I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane for her 18th birthday.  The 20th birthday was uneventful.  (thank gosh) We have priceless video of the whole event and occasionally pull it out to laugh at our ridiculous selves.
  3. I love snow skiing and I'm a bit of a daredevil.  The steeper the better, bumps and trees are a challenge.  I just don't like to get cold so I use those little heat packs in my shoes and mittens.  Who ever invented those deserves the Nobel Prize.
  4. My friends at Keller Williams and I just finished the Naples Half Marathon.  We're scaling back the next race to 5K at Susan G Komen Race for the Cure | Coconut Point Mall 5K , come join us!
  5. Quietly and without fanfare I write hand written notes to store managers to compliment their employees.  (especially hard workers that I don't think are getting what they deserve)  I also write an occasional complaint letter.  There is a local grocery store with only 1 electric cart left and it is rarely available.  My mom couldn't shop the other day and that ticks me off.  A LOT.  I'd mention their name but I'm tired of people getting their knickers in a knot for me writing about THEM not doing THEIR job.  Hmm. Maybe I can just mention all of the grocery stores in Bonita Springs:  Publix, Albertsons, and Sweet Bay.  We'll let their corporations figure it out, fair enough?  My mom is a sick little old lady recovering from cancer and grocery shopping is the only thing she can manage outside of the house.  ::guilt trip::
  6. I retain tons of useless trivia in my head.  I'm not bad at Jeopardy but I just don't see this useless information about googolplexes and plankton paying off in the long run.
  7. I'm afraid of cockroaches.  Palmetto bugs are my nemesis.  I would not be a good Fear Factor candidate for that very reason.  I know, I know, I'd jump out of a plane but can't handle cockroaches.  I'm an enigma....or selective sissy.  Your choice.