Van Gogh

Bonita Springs Real Estate and The Art of the Purchase

The finest masterpieces are painted with varied color palates and a multitude of brushes and tools. One must never forget that their own life is multifaceted, made up of little strokes, pixels if you will that build to form the whole picture.

The same is true of the stock market, the produce market and even the real estate market. Much like the having a specific sector of the stock market suffering or under performing, a segment of the housing market may be under performing. If you look at our nation as a Van Gogh masterpiece and each little city as one of the brush strokes, it begins the foundation of the "big picture" which is "the broad stroke".

It takes a myriad of little markets to make the big market. Even in our little market of Bonita Springs there are more "little brush strokes" that are as fine as the leaves on a cypress tree or the crisp twinkle in a star. City to city markets vary, but within a city there are facets that also make up the market. Right now, you can be put in a car and shown neighborhoods with little inventory and stable pricing or taken to a neighborhood struggling with massive inventory, short sales and pre-foreclosures. It would be wrong to paint the Bonita Springs real estate market with a broad stroke and state that the city is soaked in short sales. True, certain neighborhoods have their share but not every neighborhood has them.

This phenomenon of "bad news sells" isn't exclusive to Bonita Springs Florida. From Kitsap to the Blog by the Bay everyone has grown sick tired of it - moving on to sick and tired of being sick and tired. It's like the media is now just trying to "out bad-news each other".

If you're seriously interested in the stability or volatility of a specific neighborhood in Bonita Springs or Estero contact Chris today to get the facts. The facts are out there in the little brush strokes, but you just won't see it on TV or in the paper. Arm yourself with the information and find out for yourself why now is a great time to buy real estate in Bonita Springs, Florida.