Dead man walkin'!

My big secret is that I am not really a good plant owner. There, I said it. My spare time is spent disregarding horticulture. I don't know why I don't "get" plants but I don't. I have made a concerted effort to revive a few of the victims around my house and had a little success. What I do know about my "style" of plant care is that I have to stick with succulents so they can rebound from my abuse.

Meet Ingrid. I've lived in this house probably about 12 years and I'm not sure I've watered her 12 times. It is probably a miracle I didn't accidentally starve my own kids to death. [Sidebar: I ran into Barry, the fireman at the Bonita Springs 4th of July parade and was relieved he didn't recognize me as it was either he or his twin Brad that got my infant twins out of the locked car, back in the day. Totally humbling experience and a long story.] At any rate Ingrid has a story, too. I'm not sure where I got her but I know when I gave her away. I use to live in Bonita Shores on 6th Street back in the day. Bonita Shores is the little section of Bonita Springs that is in Collier County. The Southwest corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Bonita Beach Road, for the most part. My friend Heidi lived across the street. When I moved from 6th I had to stay in a condo for several months while my new home was finished being built. I just didn't have room for plants and such because the condo was s-m-a-l-l. I offered the plants to Heidi and she took them in.

Several years actually went by and one day Heidi called and said that she was moving to California. She still has my house plant, yes, singular; the cacti and other plants had died and she apologized. She brought me back Ingrid and then Heidi moved to California.

Today, I looked out back at LBD - the Little Brown Dog lying in the sun and Ingrid looked goo-ood. Someone must have watered her. It sure as heck wasn't me. I do know that Heidi has moved back to Florida. She's living in North Fort Myers, right now. I'm wondering if I should give her the plant back so Ingrid has a chance? What do you think?


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