What Happened to The Mailboxes?

They'll be back.  I just found this and thought it was funny enough to bump the mailboxes for a week.  It's located in the Lakes of Estero.  The Lakes of Estero is a single family home community on River Ranch Road across the street from Estero High School.  I was showing  property and found this in a cul-de-sac.  I wonder if it confuses dogs?

Today, you get a fire hydrant.  Why?  Because I'm whooped.  Things have picked up considerably lately and I haven't had a moment to myself or even a minute or two to write a good article about some of the fascinating things I've seen out there showing real estate, like:  I saw my first short sale where the appiances weren't the only thing gone, but the owners stole the crown moulding from the ceiling and moulding decoration for the tray ceilings, too.  That was a first.  I asked my home inspector and he hadn't seen that yet, either.  So, there you have it.  Crown molding, the unknown commodity.

If I don't get to talk to you in a day or two, have a good weekend!