Curious Cow Bonita Springs

City Cows

Here’s a little known fact – there are cows in Bonita Springs.  Right there beside shopping centers, schools or whatever.  These cows are very special.  They’ll probably never end up on a bun because they’re Bonita Bovine. 

Bonita Bovine are a special type of cow, that once placed on commercial real estate with a few of their friends, help it get repurposed as agricultural land and taxed as such.  Bonita Bovine earn their weigh in gold every year.  How do you know the difference between a Bonita Bovine and just your regular, run of the mill moo cow?  Well, here are some little known facts:

They’re curious creatures with high respect for learning.  These Bonita Bovine were in the pasture beside the Bonita Springs Charter School on Old 41 Road, Bonita Springs, Florida.  See the Charter School above the black cow’s ear?

Three Cows

Bonita Bovine are usually well mannered.  Well, not this one.  He apparently *really* had to go.  He’s not the least bit ashamed, either.  He said, “Deal with it lady.”

Cow Whizzing Bonita Springs

They’re notoriously sticking their cloved hooves or runny noses in everybody’s business.  They can’t keep a secret either.  Your “business” will be all over town the minute the pick up the phone.

Cow Nose Bonita Springs

Mabel, quick, come over.  Do I have the dirt on that Griffith broad.  What a piece of work.  Did you catch a load of that car she’s driving?  She *must* be loaded.  I hear she married for money – I hear it was Paul Newman or Brad Pitt.  I’m not sure I just know it was someone *like* that.  (See what I mean, they’re ruthless worse than the Real Housewives!)

This is Mabel.  She has her own sordid past but still keeps throwing stones from her glass house.  Pity.

Cow Walking Bonita Springs

Alas, even Bonita Bovine have mannerless, brute husbands to deal with.  My alleged husband, Paul Newman/Brad Pitt is an angel compared to Ralph Angus.  … and you worry about your kids picking their nose in public.  Here’s talent for ya.

Cow Bonita Springs

This is Ralph’s wife.  She’s thrilled that this was caught on camera.

Bonita Springs Cow

Oh no he didn’t!