Beach and Umbrellas From Casa Bonita

Warm and Toasty Florida Beaches

Bonita Springs Real Estate takes on a new appeal when there are blizzard like conditions up north.  When folks get snowed in or have just had their fill of cold they start surfing the web and they remember their friends in sunny southwest Florida

Yesterday, I had a chat with a fellow on the phone from somewhere in the northeast that was totally buried.  It seems that he has family with real estate in Bonita Springs, Estero and Naples and was getting ribbed about the weather.  It sort of dawned on him that maybe owning in Florida might be a good idea since prices were so low and Bonitians don’t have to shovel our precipitation.

We have the phone phenomenon happen every winter, every blizzard, every Alberta Clipper.  It’s at least fun to chat with folks when they call so I remember to appreciate our mild winters. 

I figured that since there are arctic blasts crossing the country I should put up a pretty picture of Bonita Beach in Bonita Springs, Florida to help everyone day dream.  Happy day dreaming!