Fine Waterfront Dining For Birds, Too

Bonita Beach Bird

A few days ago I took a lunch trip to Big Hickory Grille on Bonita Beach.  You can read about that here:

Big Hickory Fishing Nook, Marina & Seafood Grille

The weather has been perfect lately so I took advantage of outside dining.  The dock has new brick pavers and the marina has never looked better.  On my way to the restaurant I saw the bird that is up there in that little hut.  His name is Floyd .  Floyd has it made.  He just hangs out at the marina and waits for fishermen to get clumsy or generous, if it was a good day of angling.

Did I mention how smart Floyd is?  He is.  He’s a con artist disguised as a bird. With almost no fanfare he parachuted on to the chair back after flying his coop.

Big Hickory Bird

Take a look at those claws. I’d like to call them talons but I don’t know if a bird this nice is equipped with talons.  They’re not dangerous looking … to me anyway. Bird Foot

Minutes later he materialized on the other side of the patio.  I imagine he’s in charge.  With all the tourists running around the docks, someone has to keep order. 

Big Hickory Bird

He looks orderly, don’t you think?  Almost like, he’s an officer of the law with zero tolerance.  I can see zero tolerance in his eyes.

Bird at Bonita Beach

Here’s Floyd letting some Wisconsin tourists know that they better tow the line and that this is a zero tolerance establishment that doesn’t put up with monkey shine and thievery.  He just wants to make sure they were aware of the rules and what is expected of them as tourists. 

The rules are simple: Take only pictures, leave only footprints, respect my authority.  Regards, Floyd

Bird at Hickory 

Once in a while there are bad law enforcement officers.  Watch as surveillance cameras catch Floyds sly move.  See him sliding that foot slowly over to the Wisconsin tourists? Like nobody will notice the grift he’s working.  Pft!

Bird at Bonita Beach  

Hey, Wabasha.  Look at the size of the fish that kid has out on that dock behind you!

Bird at Bonita Beach


Bird at Bonita Beach

I really expected to see that square crouton form in his throat.    

Bird Eyeing my Food