What Are Your Bonita Springs Top Picks?

In the spirit of wrapping up all things “Tourist Season 2009” and to get this over with, so I can get to passing out these massive, seven foot, six inch tall trophies, I’ve decided to publish a list for the “Spring 2010 Top Ten of Bonita Springs”.  It’s all my humble opinion, of course.

Think of it as kind of like Oprah’s favorite things, but with me picking it. Oh and there’s a lot less net worth.  Oh, and different hair, mine is graying, Oprah’s magically isn’t. Oh, and I'm not giving away any prize or merchandise or even trophies for that matter. 

Without further delay … in no particular order:

  1. The Survey Cafe’s new tapas menu and beer and wine list available on Friday and Saturday nights in greater downtown old Bonita Springs, Florida. A few fave’s are the cheese plate and the pulled pork nachos. Mini Me likes the nachos. I had the cheese plate, also the scallop plate.
  2. White Sands Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Mason – They love dogs and have even saved LBD several times as well as perform a few acts of kindness for good folks who ran out of cash trying to cure their sick dog, when they were so close to saving the dog … Dr. Mason decided it was easier to save ‘em than watch ‘em die.
  3. The two Bonita Springs Rotary Club’s, morning and noon.  Without those clubs there would be less community events and festivals like Taste of Bonita, Taste of Estero, The Boat Parade and the Christmas Tree stand.
  4. Alan from Pack and Ship on Bonita Beach Road, because when you go in his store to ship a letter, Fed-Ex, UPS or a box, you’re family, he remembers your name and says please and thank you. He even takes bags of left over packing peanuts I collect from seller’s of real estate who have left them behind. (I have moral conflict about sending them to a landfill)
  5. Chris Griffith, because it’s all about the details and when she sees expired license plates on cars in parking lots always leaves a note on the car door so they can get that fixed before they get a ticket. I just found a June ‘08.  Hello?  These days, it’s like looking for four leaf clovers.
  6. The Flesher Family for putting lights up again so this city had a place to go celebrate the season with their family and enjoy time with each other like they should have been doing all these years. Just sayin’.
  7. Pat, the guy that lives next door to my mom and dad because he takes charge of watching their house and charges their car battery. He also runs a business that does finish trim carpentry (crown molding, baseboards, mill work, new doors, etc) so if you need anyone in that department, call me and I’ll hook you up.
  8. Bonitian rednecks, because they’re usually good and kind and generous.  They’ll take you to the woods in East Bonita or on an Airboat in the Everglades just to make sure you see God’s country.
  9. Barefoot Beach Park for totally rocking the Gulf of Mexico and adding concession food, kayaks, restroom facilities and a gopher tortoise preserve just to push it over the top.  Blam!
  10. Farmer Mike’s U–Pick or you pick, for turning out the best produce in the area.  The stand runs seasonally, Nov to April/May-ish. Fresh tomatoes and in the spring the strawberries are so abundant when you open your car door your mouth waters.

There you have it, 10 great things to do, Bonita Springs events or great local Bonita Springs businesses or residents that could use your support.  If you have a great business to add, just put it in a comment so other readers can enjoy.