Duct Taped Tail Light

Duct Tape Fixes Everything

One of the favorite local places to eat in Bonita Springs is Dolly’s on Bonita Beach Road.  A group of us got together for  lunch and on my way in I caught this truck in all of it’s duct taped tail light splendor. 

I’m permanently intrigued by red neck pick up trucks.  As the mother of Fred Sanford, AKA Lumberjack, I am continually amazed at the random scraps of junk /treasure that end up back there with my Tupperware.  He’s not really good at returning the take home boxes which would explain my birthday present which consisted of two big boxes of replacement Tupperware.  You see, you have to hit a man in his stomach to get his attention.  When the food quit going home with him he got serious about providing the vessels for future transportation.

Now I look in the back of trucks just to see how the other rednecks roll.  Read also: Touring The Florida Everglades

This guy had more going for him than duct taped tail lights.  He had a fish tail sticking up.  You don’t see that every day, do ya?

Redneck Tarpon

Besides the other requisite tools, tubes, cords, buckets, gas cans, boxes and tool box there was a full size taxidermy Tarpon.  I wonder what the story is. Who drives around with a fake fish in the back of their truck?  Seriously.

Junk in a Truck 

What I think is really funny is that it looks like the fish is laying on one of those little clear tackle boxes.  As if this guy caught the fish on a hook over the lunch hour. I’m thinking he caught it at a weekend, Bonita Springs community garage sale or something.

Taking My Tarpon For a Ride