A Back in the Day Mailbox & Post Office

Did you know that the halls and walls of the Liles Hotel at Riverside Park are lined with old photos of Bonita Springs, Florida. I mean way old photos. The kind of photos you see in those books and think to yourself, boy, how did they make it on dirt roads like that? How ever did they live in hot, humid Southwest Florida with no air conditioning. They must have been savages.

At the Liles Hotel you might see pictures of theses old, preserved houses.

No doubt you’ll see pictures of old fishermen, on old fishing boats and old farmers on fruit barges.

You will definitely see pictures of hot babes in bathing suits at the Imperial River and at the beach. Their swim suits cover more of their bodies than regular clothes cover on kids today.

I bet that back then the moms boxed lunches for their kids and they had to eat a lot of tomatoes and oranges. This place was chock full of the fruits. Yes, tomato is a fruit. A pretty good fruit, too, if you ask me.

Those moms probably beat laundry on a rock and eventually enjoyed the treat of running clothes through a wringer washer. It was probably a Mother’s Day present.

Every old little city needs a post office even way back when before air conditioning. Some people had to make due, like the Ochopee Post office that is no more than a hut. Literally, it’s a hut on the side of the road.

Other cities made due with a post office window in their general store. Imagine the clerk that had to work in this hot, dank, sweaty building with it raining buckets outside and mosquitoes munching on every inch of your exposed skin. West Nile Virus anyone?

Maybe it was worth it to work behind that barred window. Everyone that you handed mail to would have to be overjoyed because it was THE only entertainment. Someone sent mail!! Real mail with stamps and licky, nasty glue envelopes with wax seals.

*Sigh* Those were the days … or maybe they weren’t.

Maybe this was just a post office in a general store at the top of a mountain in Crown King, Arizona.  Yeah, its old but the photo was taken December 2008.

Maybe I fibbed a little.

Maybe there were more dogs than people at the bar (barn) in Cleator and maybe there were so many rednecks with quad runners at Cindy’s Café in Crown King that I became confused and I thought I was in Olde Bonita Springs.

I simply was confused. Yeah that’s it.

(Psst. There really are old photos of historic Bonita Springs at Liles Hotel. I’m not lying about that.)

If you found this post looking for the *real* Bonita Springs Florida post office.