Vacation Home: It’s All About Perspective

This is one of my favorite little places in Bonita Springs besides that cute little house with awnings on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Rio Vista.  This little place is in Lime Tree Park.

Sometimes I walk by house on Rio Vista and hope that some day the owners are out so I can ask them about their cute little house. 

It would probably be weird for me to randomly knock on their door and say, “Hi, my name is Chris.  You don’t know me but I’m infatuated with your house.  Can I look around a little bit.  Please don’t be afraid of me.” 

That, my friends, is how one ends up with an order of restraint against them.  Violating the personal space of a cute little house with awnings.  I’m just a sucker for little old houses with awnings. With or without the wheels.