Breakfast Lily

Sunday Honey Bee Breakfast

Tens of thousands of people drive by this lily every day. It has a couple dozen friends, too.  They’re located on the east side of 41, Tamiami Trail in Estero, Florida, just north of Williams Road and across the street from Mobile on The Run and Jimmy John’s.  I’ve watched them for a while and decided that today would be the perfect opportunity to take their picture since I didn’t have craptastic cable to do more important things.

This is is about as good as it gets with water lily pictures and me, bare foot, in funky water filled ditch, up to my knees,  hearing things slurp and attack small creatures in the murky water all around me.  I did it … but I didn’t like it.  Fortunately, Panera at Coconut Point has wifi otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to see my feat of bravery.  Happy Sunday.