The Best Real Estate in Bonita Springs is Free

Well, you can borrow it. It's not exactly  free, free.  This picture and this post is for you, the Bonita Springs resident who lives and works in the prettiest little city of SW Florida and forgets to take advantage of the beach.

The last few days in Bonita Springs has brought us picture perfect, clear weather.  I think tomorrow evening you should take your sweetie or your kids to the beach at 5:30.  You must stop at the store and buy a cheapy kite for everyone in your party and you should fly kites until the sun goes down. It's the perfect thing to do with kids, plus, it's inexpensive.  Those kites are sometimes as cheap as a dollar or two.

Make sure you take pictures and lots of them.  Make sure you upload them to and get them printed, too.  You'll want to look at the pictures of your good time on Bonita Beach 10 years from now, 20 years from now.  You might even end up taking a family picture to send to your friends for the holidays.

Get out there and use your beach.  It's just sitting there waiting for you.  Remember, beach access 2-9 are free, free, free.  Look for the flags hanging on Hickory Blvd. to find them.  They look like this: