Death Becomes the Postal Box

Sometimes I have pretty busy days.  A few weeks ago I had a few busy weeks that were chalk so full of rediculousness I don't think I could have made it up if I tried.  One random Friday on my way to a closing, after I picked my mom up and dropped her off at dialysis, gave the dog intravenous food, water and such and dropped someone off at the airport I decided to ask Mini Me to go with me.

My theory was that if we went to the closing in Naples we would be just a few minutes from Pei Wei and it would be a supreme idea to have lunch there.  I am all about the Blazing Noodles at Pei Wei.   Mini Me was on her way back from college and I told her to park at Taco Bell on US 41 by the Devoe Building and I'd pick her up.  There are two morals to this story.

One:  Taco Bell is open late and people that eat way late might have been drinking way late.  That could be why this mailbox (gawd rest its soul) is pushing up daffodils.

Two:  Bonita Springs, Florida is just small enough for someone in our inner circle to notice Mini Me's car at Taco Bell during our outing and call her to ask if she was really eating at Taco Bell because they couldn't find her inside.

Welcome to Bonita Springs, Florida ladies and gentlemen.  If your cat gets pregnant it's the talk of the town.