March 2011 Graph 10 Years

Southwest Florida March Real Estate Sales 

Watch and learn: As predicted our unit real estate sales are neck and neck with “the boom years”.  We’ve passed 2005 closed unit real estate sales and we’re creeping up on 2006 unit sales.

What caused real estate revelation, you ask?  Perhaps the consumers realized our real estate were under valued.  Perhaps consumer confidence about the economy has grown.  This year when our winter tourist returned they decided to become season residence by staking their claim and buying southwest Florida real estate.

By the way, April and May real estate closed sales are probably going to dust these numbers.  We’re written a lot of sales contracts this spring.  In spite of the ridiculous calculations of the Census Bureau and the fact that noted publications barfed up the bad numbers in mass to dupe the real estate buying public. Read also:  Real Estate Statistics – Relevance and Freshness Matter

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