April 2011 Graph 10 Years - Real Estate Statistics

A Decade of April Real Estate Sales Statistics

The final numbers for April 2011 may change slightly as a few sales become recorded over the next few days.  The end of the month happened on a weekend, at the end of Easter weeks so there may be a few properties lingering about, not closed out.

At any rate, the real estate sales continue to rival sales rates for 2003 to 2004.  The units of real estate are selling well.  Prices are down and this winter when the tourist population returned to Southwest Florida they realized there were many underpriced areas and started snapping up the deals.

Look for continued strong record sales for the next few months as the winter real estate deals close sale.  Locally, we’re anticipating a robust summer real estate season as many of our winter visitors usually come back to buy at a more leisurely pace.  Towards the end of our winter season many of the entry level value real estate deals sold off, many times with multiple offers and bidding wars.

SW Florida Real Estate | Condition of The Sale April 2011

SW Florida Real Estate | What Price Range Sold April 2011?



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