Joy at RSW - Fort Myers Airport 

Nearly a bajillion people come through our new airport every year.  Not really, maybe about a 250,000ish every month.  Check the stats.  Anyway it's alot of people.   Tonight I went to the airport to meet my parents.  They were returning from Cleveland Hopkins to RSW - USA 3000 a super airline that doesn't punish you with price jumps just for booking last minute (booo! to the rest of the airlines).  My parents flew down for about $100 each and didn't decide to fly until last night.  You gotta love that handly little benefit of  USA 3000.

The flight usually comes in about 15-20 minutes early so I go early to people watch and meet them.   I had about 20 minutes of good people watching.  It was actually refreshing to see how happy people were to see each other.   They were just plain NICE to each other.  An older man holding mint green roses that met his bride, children meeting their mom and sobbing.  Just pure joy.  It's like eves dropping watching people.  Little hearts were floating in the air at B terminal.  It was a welcome releif from my back stabbing, imploding real estate deal day in sunny Bonita Springs.  Eh, you win some, you loose some.  How nice to wrap my day up where everyone was winning something. 

Peek in on this stolen moment - I can only  imagine it was a mother and a daughter because their slow motion stare could have burned steel before they embraced, then dad had his hug.  How lucky they are to love each other and be loved by each other so much.