Bonita Springs Home StagingStaged Homes Simply Sell Faster

Staging an staging a home listing, especially a home listing that has expired, is a great way to refresh a home and offer buyers a new, balanced view of the home. Sometimes its more than about function and livability. It is also about what the camera sees. Every home seller knows that you can’t get a home clean enough but many don’t think about staging or fear that home staging is expensive.

First, most experienced listing agents can either recommend a home stager or can perform light home staging as part of their service. I’ve been fortunate to have worked in interior design in a prior life so not only can help you de-clutter your home but I can help position your furniture to bring new appeal and interest to the property.  

There are circumstances where a few minor, inexpensive color changes and accessory changes can revamp the look of your home listing.  Take, for example, the photos of the bathroom above.  It was a beautiful bathroom but the photos for the listing looked quite dark and made it look smaller than it was so we staged it by swapping out the shower curtains, floor mat and towels and instantly it looked like the fresh home listing with bright cheery bathroom. It cost less than $100 to make the changes.  The items were purchased at Old Time Pottery in Bonita Springs, Florida. We were able to stage the bathroom without repainting.

Most often a new look can be achieved using your own furniture and accessories to stage your home, which saves you money.  Home staging is a complementary service to my home selling clients and customers.

Should you need full home staging services I also work with trades who have affordable options for staging a room or an entire home with newer, modern furnishings.  Staging makes all the difference in the world and research shows that staged homes, on average, sell 75% faster!

Recently, a vacant home that I had listed in Brendan Cove had the main living room and dining room area staged and it sold nearly immediately.  The home buyer even contracted with the staging service to purchase the furniture and accessories because it looked so good and fit so well within the space.

If you’d like to learn more about listing your home for sale and home staging it for a new look or better camera appeal, call or text Chris Griffith to get started today 239-273-7430. Chris is an experienced listing agent and a certified residential specialist in Bonita Springs, Florida.