Passiflora Passion Fruit

Capturing The Opening Blossom

There’s a light on my mailbox post that has been burned out for some time.  Since I live in a home owner association all of the mailboxes are the same and a local resident maintains the light situation if one burns out.  Well, there’s a passiflora that has engulfed my mailbox rendering it virtually impossible to change the light.

My weekend mission was to get together a couple of helping hands to suspend the plant to be able to open the light box and change the bulb.  The plant could have actually been whacked back and it would have grown up again but I have fruit on my plant.  Honest to goodness, passion fruit. 

It’s been a crappy winter and they might not even turn into anything useful or even edible but I thought I’d at least try. 

As luck would have it what I thought was a withered blossom from yesterday was actually about to open.  The flowers open really fast in the sun and since it was on the north side it was slower than usual.  I took several pictures so you could watch it open.  The last two pictures have a honey bee on it.  Enjoy!