Jasmine in Bonita Springs

Jasmine in Bonita Farms Bonita Springs Fl

April brings tons of blossoms to Bonita Springs and there is one great spot to visit in Bonita Farms area.  The fence on West Terry Street that circles Highland Woods has so much jasmine growing on it that sometimes you can smell it a quarter of a mile away.  It’s amazing.  You can park your car near the power line easement at West Terry Street and Holly Lane if you’d like to park and take a walk past it.

There are other great blossoms to look at in Nuttinglikit Grove off of Pennsylvania Avenue.  Both Poinciana and Jacaranda Trees grow in that community.

An invasive plant, the Downy Rosemyrtle is actually growing along the power line easement at Holly Lane.  It’s very pretty but it’s not a desirable plant in this area.  There are also tons of gopher tortoises living in the easement so go take a look!