Bird Watching Bonita Springs

Spot the Raptors Across #SWFL 77/365 Things to Do

Southwest Florida is home to a wide array of wildlife. Most especially the Bonita Springs area is home to a variety of raptors that include a wide variety of hawks, osprey, bald eagles, vultures and caracara.

You’d really only have to drive along Hickory Blvd. to see many of the osprey.  They are always flying around by the north end near Bay Harbor Club Condo and Sea Isles.  Even a little further north they nest along the road to Lover’s Key State Park near Dog Beach.  Look up!  They're on the power/phone poles!.

There is a nesting pair of bald eagles in Bonita Springs near St. Leo’s Catholic Church. Of course the famous eagle pair is in North Fort Myers not too far from Powell Creek Preserve.

If you’re interested in catching a caracara in action you can visit Dinner Island. Read also:

Visit Dinner Island Ranch Wildlife Management Area 55/365

The common red shoulder hawks can be seen just about anywhere but you can easily find them at parks and preserves such as Cullum’s Bonita Trail and CREWThe Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed.

If you’re looking for interesting or fun things to do with kids, bird watching is a nearly free activity and you can always find ways to make it a contest for who spots the most or who spots a bird first. It gets the kids outside and teaches them so much about nature in Florida.