Sell your home cheap!

But you're a real estate agent and you get to sell your home for free...

Seriously, I was sharing market conditions and my own efforts to sell my personal home in Bonita Springs I had a home owner say that to me at a listing appointment. I then started digging through my mind trying to find why anyone would think that because I am a real estate agent that my expenses, time, insurance, education and gasoline would be free to me, simply because I'm in the biz.

I've soul searched for why people go for the jugular regarding the expenses and even the salary of real estate agents; I still struggle with finding a basis for it. The only thing I can come up with is discretion. I think it's because what reputable real estate agents do to help people buy or sell real estate isn't celebrated or done with fanfare. Since it usually goes unnoticed people assume there isn't anything being done, at all. Nobody has ever asked to shadow me for a day to find out what it is really like to be me, to do what I do, to do what I do for no pay until I am able to sell my listing inventory or help place a buyer into a home. It's a rather enormous undertaking and the work is often about problem solving and organization. It is tedious and would bore most people to tears.

Having been a Florida real estate agent for several years I can share that it is like any other business built of bricks and mortar. The expenses for being a real estate agent come in for education, insurance, office supplies, licensing, dues, printed material, and office equipment just like any other business. It is definitely not an inexpensive business to run. In addition to regular office and equipment expenses I co-broke commission to other real estate agents that bring happy, smiling, prequalified customers to my listings as buyers or refer the listed property to me.

I know this opens the whole can of worms about earned commission; the salary a real estate agent and the agent they co-broke with get paid. Don't go there with me because I know that I earn every penny of my pay.

This is usually where someone who has never worked in real estate or someone who "used to be a real estate agent" shares their opinion about commissions and whether or not an agent is worthy and payment is justified. Keep in mind if someone has never done the job [real estate agent]; they're ignorant in their opinion. It's like complaining about politics when you're an unregistered voter. If the opinion is from someone formerly in the business, they probably weren't doing it right and stunk at their job, which explains why they aren't doing it any more. Even a doctor that has accidentally killed a few patients eventually quits saying "I use to be a doctor" because someone will ask why he isn't a doctor any more. If being a real estate agent was as easy and as lucrative as everyone thinks it is, then who in their right mind would ever leave this business?

If I apply the same principals and practices to sell my own real estate that I use for my clients and customers, what would lead anyone to think it is faster, easier and less expensive for me to sell my own home? If just because I'm biz I have "special privileges" then why on Earth didn't my house sell faster, with less expense paid out and for more money than it was really worth?