Bonita Springs Space SaverOrganizing Your Bonita Springs Condo or Home

Over the last few years I’ve moved a few times, downsizing every time. I’m still in Bonita Springs, in single family home located Bonita Farms. It was built in 1974 and it’s less than 1,500 SF of living area which means small closets and small cabinets.

One day a nifty little gadget called the spicy rack went through my Facebook feed.  I decided to take a gamble on it for my kitchen cabinet with cooking items and spices in it.  It was purchased on Amazon for $20. It was a great gamble that helped organize that cabinet and even made room for larger bottles of olive oil in the middle of the system.  I had been refilling a smaller oil bottle because the prior shelf configuration didn’t allow for a larger bottle.  The pepper mill broke when I was refilling it to put away, again, so that's why it's not in photo two.  

Only one spicy rack was installed in the kitchen. I installed the other one in a bathroom cabinet. The bathroom cabinet is t-i-n-y and nearly useless. Because of the sink trap in the small cabinet there was no way to install an actual shelf.  The bag was full of shampoos and now they’re lined on a shelf.

Bonita Springs Home Organizing

The vintage homes of Bonita Springs are certainly charming but they do lack modern day conveniences. I’m learning all sorts of ways to make space that I will share here.

The spicy rack has dozens of options for adjustments so I imagine that it would fit any cabinet. These would be especially great for the beach front condos. Most condos, like The Egret, Casa Bonita Royale and Bonita Beach Club are around 1,200 SF and space is tight. The spicy rack would really help save space!