Lee County Economic Stress Test

What the Numbers Aren’t Saying

See that dark orange spot at the bottom left corner of Florida?  That’s Lee County Florida and that is where Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel, Lehigh Acres, Alva and a few other cities are located.

What the numbers aren’t telling you is that two large areas are actually the cause of Lee County turning orange and getting all stressed out.  Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres were hit hard with a capital Huh!  Unfortunately, when these sorts of flashy national maps go out, it isn’t detailed enough to show that.

Go two counties below Lee County.  That would be Monroe County.  Look what great shape they’re in … or are they?  It’s Everglades National Park.  With exception to the few homesteaders living “off the grid” and the Conch Republic of Key West there isn’t anything there but gators and mosquitoes.

Real estate is local. If you want  to find out about Bonita Springs real estate and the state of the economy in Bonita Springs or Estero Florida.  Don’t count on a map that lumps us in with Cape Coral or Lehigh Acres.

Here, go horse around on the map and see how bad it is in the Mojave Desert, too.  Economic Stress Test Map