Chris vs. Windows Live Writer

I know what you’re thinking …

That’s fierce looking hamster you have there,missy.  We’ll you’re right.

He’s a ninjahamster.  I am his third owner.  Nobody is sure what happened to the other owners.

Thank you for putting up with this test of some new publishing software for my blog.  Tomorrow we’ll resume our regularly scheduled programming.

Oh, by the way, that’s Goober the hamster.  A little parting gift one of my kids left behind on their way to college. *sigh*

The College is here:

Map picture

I hate to be a menace but I’m testing map inserts, links and video.  I’ll do anything, at this point, to save time publishing.  I nearly ripped my hair out the first time I tried to install this program.  D. Patrick Lewis and Ray Nellum got a good laugh out of my mini nervous breakdown.

Now, I’ll hit publish and see if it all explodes.  The hamster probably has it rigged with explosives.