naughty dress bonita springs

Something Naughty in The Window - That Special Dress

On my way into "Q", uh, that's Quiznos in The Prado at Bonita Springs I walk by a dress shop named "That Special Dress".  I'm sort of not a dress person and next to never have the opportunity to wear a gown, but a girl can dream can't she?  The windows always have the best display and it's at least fun to ogle, right?  Today I saw a naughty dress in the window, which I thought was clever merchandising.  Never without my camera I caught it.  For the record, there was a nice dress right beside "naughty". 

If I keep up the running I just might fit into it, right?  Eh, but my knees would show.  I'm certain you don't want to see middle age knees without a tan.

It's that time of the year to find that holiday or New Years Eve dress.  (For some of us - I stay home for New Years, it's amateur night, right?)  If you're in the market for a naughty or even a nice dress you should stop in, the selection is huge and everything is so B-E-A-utiful. 

That Special Dress is located by the Regal Cinemas, Crispers and Big Al's.