Sold Villa Lighthouse Bay at The Brook Estero Florida

Sold Villa Lighthouse Bay at The Brook Estero Florida

Signed ✍️sealed ✉️ delivered 💨 This attached villa home 🏘️in Lighthouse Bay at The Brooks closed sale, today! The owners of this home called us after we listed and sold the villa next door in a week. (with multiple offers) 🏆 These folks had their villa on the market for months and months and it didn’t sell.

We evaluated current market conditions in both Estero Florida and Lighthouse Bay.  Then, we evaluated the property and made crucial recommendations to get the property sold quickly. Most importantly we asked for the seller’s permission to create a “blank slate” 🎨 and then lightly stage the home before retaking photos with our professional photographers 📸 and videographers 🎥. We corrected a lot of errors in the prior listing including square footage that was missing from the property information. 😱 The data that populated from the county tax roll was wrong and registered as much smaller than the actual size.

Cleaned, prepped and ready this home was only on the market a short time before a buyer walked through the door 🚪and exclaimed, “This is it!” and cancelled the remaining appointments for the day before writing a full price offer! 💰This amazing property has one of the best views in Lighthouse Bay 🪟 and with the latest additions and improvements to the amenities has turned this community into one of the premier resort 🌴 lifestyle communities in Bonita Springs and Estero Florida.

We sell homes of ✔️ all shapes ✔️ all sizes and ✔️all price points. We can also help sell homes that just don’t seem to be selling. 🤔It's our super-power 💪 If you’d like to learn more about selling your home the next best step is to call📞 239-273-7430. Let’s get started on the right plan to selling your property, today.

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