Sneaky Mortgage Sign

Sneaky Mortgage Schemes and Mortgage Fraud

Lenders, Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Bankers, Loan Officers and the like - Have at it. Your comments and ideas are welcom in the comments below. Buyers beware; consumers beware. I found this little beauty at the corner of Corkscrew Road and Three Oaks Parway in sunny Estero, Florida. I just couldn't resist snapping the photo as I sat at the red light.

Distressed home owners call these numbers, don't they? I thought to myself:

  • How many calls do they get?
  • What is the "angle" on this?
  • How many people actually have their life improved by responding to a poster board on a phone pole - just under the "we buy junk cars" sign? (at least it isn't the same number on both signs)

Maybe these people have the answer. I don't know. My heart broke just a little knowing that someone that is in over their head can roll the dice and may or may not be calling an honorable organization or they many be getting duped into another bad situation.

Caveat Emptor

Protect yourself by becoming informed.