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If you’ve lived in Southwest Florida for any length of time you have probably driven by the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve dozens of times and may have never ventured in.  Maybe it’s just been a while since you’ve visited the slough and you’ve forgotten about it so consider this your invitation to go.

Six Mile Cypress Slough (pronounced slew) is located just north of Daniels Parkway on Six Mile Cypress Parkway at Penzance Blvd. in Fort Myers, Florida. It’s a magnificent 2,500 acre strip of wetland nature right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life.

A walk at this park is the perfect activity for those who may not exactly be wild about hiking or those who are new to visiting Florida nature parks and preserves. With summer just around the corner it may also be something parents can plan to do with the kids.

This preserve is a Lee County Parks facility and the entire trail is a boardwalk system that is completely elevated. If there are folks in your party with mobility issues or you’re pushing a youngster in a stroller the path is smooth and accessible. The boardwalk also keeps everyone safely above the water and the critters who live below, too.

In all, the trail is slightly over a mile in length and winds through about eighty acres of shaded wetland preserve. This outdoor adventure can be as brief as an hour or as long as you decide to stay at the preserve. Considering the great bird watching and wildlife activity at some of the ponds, time could easily get away from you.

Trust me, the last time I stood and stared at the pond I thought that there wasn’t really anything there. After a few minutes went by everything began to move again. The entire pond came to life. The wading birds, once invisible, began feeding on the minnows again. Kites flew overhead and even a juvenile alligator slinked back up onto the muddy bank. The list of critters that I saw on my last trip was lengthy plus there were a wide variety of native trees and plants in blossom.

There are guided tours available on Wednesday mornings but keep in mind that this is also a great do-it-yourself trail. The “Explorer’s Companion” brochure provided at the entrance to the trail is a numbered reference guide that coincides with the numbers on the rails of the boardwalk so that even a novice will know exactly what they’re looking at. Along the way there are many detailed charts with photos and tips about nature, animals, animal tracks and the environment. Best of all, there are also many good hearted regular visitors who are always happy to share their knowledge about The Slough.

If you’d like learn more about Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve you can visit their website at www.LeeParks.org or just give an hour to nature and walk the trail. Entry to the preserve is free and parking is only one dollar per hour. Don’t forget binoculars!


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