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Turnkey Furnished Homes in Bonita Springs

There is no right or wrong answer regarding home furnishings and whether or not they should convey with a home. Most of the answers are based on the convenience of the home seller.  When a seller lists their home for sale many times it is either offered turnkey furnished as a convenience to the seller since the seller may not want the furniture, may not want to move the furniture or they are downsizing and do not need the furniture.  Often times there is no monetary value associated with the furniture in the home valuation process. The property that is listed for sale must be able to appraise without any value given to the furniture.  In short, banks loan money for real estate not for furniture.  A listing agent can explain the intricacies of mortgage underwriting.

If you’d like to sell your furniture to a potential home buyer, keep in mind that the odds are slim that a buyer will love your home and love your furniture style enough to pay additional funds for it.  Plus, resale furniture is often valued at pennies on the dollar.  Home buyers are often willing to acquire the furniture at purchase of the property “as a convenience to the seller” which keeps them from having to piece it out in classifieds or move it.

There are many local thrift and consignment stores that will take the furniture as a donation if the home seller and home buyer have negotiated for the owner to remove it prior to closing. Moving furniture presents challenges depending upon the final destination it is being moved to. If you’d like to learn about hiring a mover read also: Moving Companies in Bonita Springs Florida.

Bonita Springs Listing AgentOf course, each home seller has different circumstances so if you have pointed questions about listing your home for sale and the best way to include, move or liquidate your furniture and household items contact Chris Griffith by call/text at 239-273-7430. Chris is an experienced listing agent in Bonita Springs, Florida and a Certified Residential Specialist.