Pool People Bonita Springs

Four People Shot By Pool in Bonita Springs, Fla

There is no faster way to clear off a pool deck than to announce to the general area, “I am here to take pictures.”  Today, as I quietly took pictures someone in the pool, yes, the pool asked to take my picture with his friends.  He grabbed my camera and shot us.

They asked why I was taking pictures and that if I was a real estate agent.  The ninja-like black outfit was probably a pretty good disguise but they weren’t fooled.  I explained that I was and that I was taking new pictures of the amenities  [The Sanctuary of Bonita Springs] to put in the MLS and on the internet.

Within the next day or so I’ll be listing a one bedroom condo there at The Sanctuary and it will be a short sale. One of my pet peeves is when short sales get listed and they don’t have pictures added.  Even short sales, even foreclosures, even ugly homes and condos deserve to be marketed correctly so that the buyers can find them.  It’s just not right to use the dreaded “Photo Coming Soon” as an advertising tool.

So today, I took pictures of petite, one bedroom condo that will be listed in a day or two at $40,000.  The difference between this little condo and the others listed in the area is that this one will have photos of the great lakefront view, the awesome pool, fitness center, racquet ball court and the real estate agent kicking it with the pool people that chose to not get out of the pictures because they want buyers to know how friendly the neighbors are.