I Forgot To Shave My Legs

Maybe Sunscreen Isn’t The Most Important Beach Accessory …

It’s a scorcher out there. If this is your first “Month of May” in the area or you’re on vacation, know this:  You’re not in Kansas, anymore.

Sunscreen is your friend.  It is possible to acquire a sunburn in less than 30 minutes; a good sunburn.  Bonita Springs has a pretty powerful sun this time of the year and little cloud cover which means you’re a bacon strip. 

Butter yourself up and butter up your babies because our summer sun is back and it’s looking for unsuspecting tourists to sneak up on.

There are two beach shops to stop and get sunscreen on the way to Bonita Beach, Winds Beach Store and Mango Bay Beach Store.  They also sell all sorts of beach, swimmy, floaty, pool, bathing suit, bikini sort of things, plus tourist souvenirs and t-shirts. 

Here’s a map to the beach stores:

Map picture