Today, a friend of mine sent me a picture of this little owl. She had taken the photo seven years ago, to the day, when I lived in Brendan Cove.  It was shortly before some big decisions I had made in my life.  Huge decisions, actually.  I will eventually find that piece of paper that prompted this some day. I know I tucked it away “someplace safe” … so safe that I actually forgot where I put it. Are you feeling me Gen Xer’s?

Screech OwlThe condensed version of this story is that I attended a women’s ministry event with The Springs of Bonita church and Susan Fannon lead an exercise about writing down all sorts of things that were important to us personally or described our life and our dreams. There were several questions and responses that I filled out and didn’t give a single thought to until several weeks later. 

Ones day, I had pulled into the driveway after work and started pecking through my car console organizing and throwing things away. I came across a folded up piece of paper so I unfolded it and read it before I threw it away.  As I read it I burst into tears. I realized that what I had written down as important to me was not the life I was living. I looked out the windshield at that house and the life I was about to walk back into. It was a big house with nothing but unhappiness, bills and stress. I was being drowned by a one-sided relationship that wasn’t holding up their share of the work or those bills. I was struggling both personally and physically due to the weight of life and a whole bunch of poor choices I made in situations and particularly in my people. I felt so stupid. My health was suffering.  I. Was. Done. That was my turning point, right there in that driveway. It was like a sword sliced through my life. I changed everything after that. I sold my homes, my car, got rid of all my debt, doubled down on my career and also so my service to humanity because you can’t help yourself unless you’re helping others. Of course, there is more detail to the story but I’m still  not ready to be that vulnerable.

In the back yard of that home I raised these little owls. I do miss them terribly. They talked to me and I talked back. They are such a big reminder of my old life which is why I wrote this down. I’m a bit amazed at the changes in my life in seven short years.  I mean, a lot of things changed. I have been able to use my real estate skill to help a lot of people, particularly women such as  myself, purchase homes with responsible budgets. I have helped a lot of amazing people through volunteering.  I have also branched out personally and written a book. I am just starting another book, too. The subject matter is a huge departure from real estate content. The first book is titled, It Started with a Helmet: A Retired Firefighter's Return to New York City the Day Before 9/11.  I also started a school program to get these books to middle school students or older, free of charge, so they can learn about 9/11 and Never Forget. I don’t really know what I am doing but I am learning as I go along!

It’s been a while since I updated this website with non-real estate information so I appreciate if you have read this far. I don’t really know why I wrote it except that I thought if one person reads this who is not in the place they want to be in, it may inspire them to be brave and change their life no matter how old they are or no matter how hard it seems.

If I can help you in any way whether it is by providing a listening ear, offering free advise, providing real estate service or providing complementary copies of books to a classroom near you please reach out.  Also, the church meets on Sunday at Riverside Park at 9:30 if you're not sure where to start. - Chris 239-273-7430