Bedroom Wide Angle

Real Estate Buyers Want to See Great Photos

According to the NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, a whopping ninety-seven of homebuyers who searched for a home on the Internet found photos to be among the most useful features of real estate agent websites. 

The current statistic is that 95% of real estate agents use a digital camera.  (It doesn’t grade how well they use it.) Now that digital cameras are so affordable, there really is no excuse to not have photos on every real estate listing on the web. 

Here’s the truth, photos sell real estate.  So do visual tours and video.   Real estate buyers searching for homes want to see … the home, the amenities, the area, the neighborhood.

If you are about to sell your Florida real estate you probably have not thought about how important photos are.  How will your real estate agent market your home with photos?   Real estate is marketed different that it used to be. There must be photos, good photos, intriguing photos because they are the pivotal tool in the new media, digital real estate marketing.

Seller’s might be wise to ask potential listing agents for examples of their photos just to see how they will showcase their real estate.  At the very least snoop stop by their website or blog to see how they market real estate and how the pictures look.

Seriously?  Yes.  Statistics have proven that real estate buyers love pictures.  As a matter of fact, zero photos attract, on average, a mere 0.02 percent of the detailed listing views that listings with 21 to 36 photos enjoy.  One can only project that better photos promote more interest and more clicks.  Just imagine how many home shoppers are up north surfing the web before they even cross your home’s threshold.

Take a look at a few sets of photos of a home in Bonita Springs, Florida.  It will give an idea of how real estate photos can just be a picture or grab the whole room and give a sense of the living space.

Bedroom RegularAbove: Standard Camera, Nice Photo, No True Sense of Space

Bedroom Wide Above: Wide Angle Lens, More Room Captured, Ceiling and Floor, Walking Space Around Bed

Dining Regular

Above:  Standard Camera, Nice PhotoDining Wide

Above:  Wide Angle Lens, Full Living Room Added, Tile Floor, High Ceiling, Kitchen

 Bath RegularBath Wide

Side by side comparison of a standard camera image (left) and a wide angle lens (right) in a smaller room. The power bath, guest bath and utility rooms usually benefit  the most from wide angle photography. Notice the right image with wide angle lens includes both the ceiling, the tile floor and the entire vanity. It’s even more dramatic if you cover one photo at a time to compare.