Red Kayak Bonita Springs Beach

And so it was born, the mailbox series.

Bonita Beach in Bonita Springs is one of those places where there's a great bunch of mail boxes. Today, I drove to the beach and parked down by Big Hickory, just across the street from the marina and grill. I dragged my poor little dog the length of Hickory Blvd. and admired mailboxes.

Hickory Blvd. is lined with gulf front homes and the opposite side of the street has gulf view homes and homes on canals. The street is long and straight and it is the only route to and from Fort Myers Beach. Traffic moves swiftly so home owners put outrageous mailboxes so visitors, tenants or even they can see their turn coming up. Today, I stopped when there was a break in traffic to grab a shot of the Kayak mailbox.

Not long after I shot that photo I thought to myself that I should do a series on mailboxes. They're innocuous and they don't talk back, so why not? And so it was born, the mailbox series. Now, it wasn't much longer after I thought up the mail box series that I realized my credit card that was in my phone case was missing. I spent the better part of my evening on the phone with customer service clearing that mess up. So, if you're on Hickory Blvd. and you find my credit card shred it, it's useless now. Call me to let me know where you found it. I searched to no avail. Don't be getting cute and telling me you found it in an adult store or something worse, either. (That's for the JoKeRz in my office) Can you believe I raised children without accidentally hurting them?

Now, if you have a really cool mailbox in the general vicinity of Bonita Springs or know of a really cool mailbox that deserves to live on my website just email a photo with the address or let me know what chunk of real estate it's sitting on and I'll go find it and photograph it myself.