Donna's Orchid

Nearly Every Bonita Springs Home Has an Orchid

This beautiful orchid is a hand me down flower. It hung in the front yard of my mother’s home back near the Bonita Springs Golf and Country Club for years. She got it as a hand me down orchid from a lady whose home I sold in San Remo at Palmira several years ago.  When the woman sold her home she just didn’t have room to take it when she moved up north and I found it left on the side of the house.  I made a call to the owner and she said to give it to someone who would enjoy it so I gave it to my mom.

Apparently, this orchid had an attitude because it refused to bloom.  For years it refused to bloom.  Time came and went and as the years passed, my mother went through the trials and tribulations with health issues, cancer and such and passed away in January 2010. 

In December of 2010 we sold her home.  My son helped pack up what was left of the items in the home and I asked him if he wanted the orchid on the front tree.  He loaded it up and hung it under his home just a few miles away in the state streets.  It probably wasn’t be a few weeks later that he called me to say, “You’re not gonna believe this but that the orchid has bloomed”. I was away at the time so he put the pictures on Facebook. 

Today, I was over at the house and the orchid is in full bloom again. This is the third time.  All these years it took for a bloom … talk about a late bloomer.  I called Judy’s daughter, the original owner of the orchid, and let her know.  It seems like everyone has always waited for this orchid to bloom.  I think it was patiently waiting for just the right owner.