Are You Lost on The World Wide Web?

These are actual search queries that brought consumers to my Bonita Springs real estate website. I count my visitors and how they got to Life in Bonita Springs. I’m not sure they found what they were looking for sometimes, but they sure are colorful searches.

foto topless

They must have really been disappointed to find a picture of a convertible car on the highway driving in the rain. It was a funny image, almost as funny as the face of the searcher when they realized that the search results didn’t include nudity.

linda davis a waitress in fl

They didn’t find their Linda Davis, they found mine. They were totally surprised that Linda had left the food service industry and become a member of city council in Ledyard, CT. She’s a classic overachiever.

bonita springs complaint

There is no complaining in Bonita Springs, Florida, especially with weather like this!

canoe ride in estero

They were looking for something WAY more serious than what they found. I still laugh about that canoe trip.

kayak lessons bonita springs

They should have read the canoeing post to realize we are thoroughly unqualified to give Kayak lessons. We are pretty sure, however, that alcohol isn’t allowed in Kayaks, either, since we don’t think you’re suppose to have it in canoes.  It is frowned upon.