sea grape bonita beach

Wonder if they taste like grapes...

Periodically, I do try to enjoy the spoils of Southwest Florida.  We have some incredible parks, nature preserves, strands and waterways.  Oh, and then there's that beach.  That would be the huge body of water that I rarely ever see unless I make a special trip to get sand between my toes or to document the retail anomaly that the forecasters try to convince the rest of the world is a hurricane.

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Yesterday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. I went to Bonita Beach.  I figured the hazard of sunburn and scorched flesh was less of a probability at that time of the day. Plus, the day was almost over so I could kick back.  I'm not sure my phone has ever rang so much.  I should have turned it off and left it in the car.

I got about an hour in before the rain started drifting in.  On my way out I noticed the sea grapes.  There were even some that looked ripe.  I wondered if you could eat them.  I even googled for sea grape recipes but never found one with a picture so I don't know if what they're talking about is what I'm talking about.  It's not worth it for me to be a guinea pig.  Someone else will have to take one for the team.

What I do know about sea grapes is that the sea grape leaf was used as writing paper by explorers and early settlers.  They even use to let tourists send them as post cards until the '70's.  I've never tried it but it makes sense.  The leaves are very strong and thick.  When they're dry I bet they're stronger than balsa wood.

So enjoy your Thursday sea grape leaf photos.  If you know of anyone that eats them and can guarantee my throat won't swell shut or something if I try one, let me know.  I mean, if you could actually eat them, wouldn't they be selling them at the roadside fruit stands and farmers markets?

sea grape bonita beach

ripe sea grapes

bonita beach sea grapes