Floridas Blood Centers

It’s Free! They May Even Give Ya a Cookie

There isn’t a charitable organization that’s not struggling in this economic down turn.  It’s difficult for folks to give money sometimes, but it is possible to give time and maybe even a little life saving blood.

It’s pretty tough to write about blood in any manner that is either fun or fascinating, excluding the cookies, of course. 

Typically, folks don’t know they’re going to need blood until they’re in a world of trouble.

Our area gets an influx of northern visitors and we often run on a short supply of life saving blood and blood products.  Occasionally, there is a special circumstance when a local has a particularly large quantity of blood needed or there is a rare blood type in short supply. 

If you’re *lucky* enough to have a rare blood type, you should consider giving blood right away if you’re in the Southwest Florida area.  There is a particular need for a child in Naples, Florida with the type AB+ blood and a shortage that’s could quite literally save his life.  You can be a hero before the day is out!

Every parent and every person is just a twist of fate away from needing to save themselves or their child’s life with a blood transfusion.  I hope that if you’re in the Bonita Springs area and can spare about 20 minutes to give you’ll stop in Florida’s Blood Center and give.

The Blood Center is located on US 41, 24830 Tamiami Trail in Bonita Springs, Florida. It's on the west side of the highway in front of Pelican Landing Golf and Country Club, just south of CVS Pharmacy and in the same building with Comcast and Honey Baked Ham.  There is a map below or you can call for directions:


Ste 1500, 24830 South Tamiami Trail
Bonita Springs, FL 34134-7031

(239) 495-8169

Map picture