Barefoot Beach Bonita Springs


Where should you spend a Saturday afternoon in Bonita Springs, Florida?  If you're not boating or taking in the parks and Bonita Springs  landmarks you should make an effort to visit Barefoot Beach in Bonita Springs.

Barefoot Beach is located at the south end of Barefoot Beach Blvd.  Follow Bonita Beach Road east until you almost reach the gulf, turn left at the traffic light that is Barefoot Beach Blvd.  Barefoot Beach Preserve is a park that charges a small fee to enter, but it's worth it.  There are excellent facilities that include showers, restrooms, snack and beverage center, kayak and umbrella rentals and the park are has ramps and walks so it is easily accessible for those physically challenged or those pushing strollers.

Barefoot Beach Preserve is over 340 acres of designated gopher tortoise preserve.  You'll see them everywhere.  Be mindful to check under your car before you back out and never put them in the water, as they cannot swim.

A map to the park is located: Map

Remember to take only pictures and leave only footprints.  Trash and debris (even cigarette butts) endanger the future of species at the preserve.

Other nearby beaches include:

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  • Lover's Key State Park
  • Bonita Beach
  • Dog Beach at Lover's Key (pet friendly)