Bonita Springs Mailbox

The Bonita Springs Mailbox of the Week

With any luck nobody held their breath for this. As expected another fish mailbox. Bonita Springs definitely has their share of mailboxes in the form of fishes, that's for sure. I thought I'd get a golf theme mailbox in Bonita Golf & Country Club but no dice.

My Mommala lives in Bonita Springs Golf & Country Club and so do most of her friends. I occasionally do drive by checks when traffic is bad on Old 41 and I have time to kill. Sometimes just for kicks I drive down Strike Lane on the new parkway that comes out right behind the office. The road recently got paved so it is a big deal.

Some of the folks in Bonita Springs Golf & Country Club go north for the summer so I stop in and check their houses to make sure everything is status quo; flush the toilets, fill the sink traps, pick up papers and phone books. After I was done I tooled around the neighborhood and didn't find a single mailbox that was even mildly interesting. I stopped by and talked to the owners of my new listing that should hit the market soon. It's a great little piece of Bonita Springs real estate and the neighborhood is so quiet.

On my way out of Bonita Springs Golf & Country Club I took a new back shortcut. They've extended Paradise Road to Shangri - La Road. At Shangri - La you can turn right to catch the traffic light at Old 41 or go left and cut through Sandy Hollow. Sandy Hollow is an established Bonita Springs community with only single family homes. The homes are modest in size and many are considered by first time home buyers. Sandy Hollow is where I found the large mouth mailbox. Truth be told, I was looking for Iguanas. I've heard there are Iguanas living in the wild at Sandy Hollow. I didn't see any, again. It's not the first time I've looked.

Huh, I figured if there were really Iguanas in the area I would see Iguana crossing signs or at least an Iguana mailbox. Better luck next hunt.