Saloon Coconut Point

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The Saloon at Coconut Point is one of the newer dining establishments in Estero, Florida. Located at Coconut Point Mall it is located in the space where Blue Water was once located.  To describe the Saloon is difficult, it’s sort of an upscale western theme.  It’s very sophisticated and both casual and upscale at the same time.

Saloon Coconut PointThe Saloon is part of the Culinary Concepts group so some of their other restaurants may sound familiar – Chops, Yabba, Pazzo, to name a few.  You can learn more about all of their fine dining establishments at

I love Saloon because they do use the Open Table app which is a life saver during tourist season.  Also, there are great meals for the meat eaters and the non-meat eaters alike.  There is a great salad available with a little bit of everything (hold the bacon) for me and Jerry had the brisket the last time we went. If anyone from Concepts happens to read this I really do miss the Lil' Kim Impossible burger and I am lobbying here for it's return to the menu.

We’ve gone up to watch a game or two because it’s a nice atmosphere and we aren’t sports bar people.  There are high tops in the bar area plus bar seating.   In the dining room there are a variety of tables and booths.  The artwork on the walls are classic western oil paintings and even a few ‘dogs playing poker’ vibe paintings.

Valet parking is available which is nice during crowded tourist season.  There is also a new gelato store a few doors down so you can have an ice cream after dinner.