RSW Airport Observation Area

RSW Airport Observation Area Fort Myers 116/365 Things To Do

A great area to take your loved ones including little ones to view airplanes taking off and landing at RSW – Southwest Florida Regional Airport. My 3 year old grandson has enjoyed going there every month since he was old enough to stand and watch the them.

Killdeer at RSW Observation AreaWhat you may not expect is that there is a lot of wildlife in the area including deer, turkey, hawks, ducks and all kinds of other birds. The observation area is a fenced in area with a few picnic tables to have a nice snack while watching the planes. There is a nice pond behind the fence to watch wildlife.

The RSW Airport Observation Area is located on the north side of the airport near Chamberlin Parkway on Air Cargo Lane. The area is fenced in and just off the road across from the runway and air cargo facilities. The area is marked with an “Aircraft Observation Area” sign.

If you are looking for fun things to do with kids this is a fun, free activity.


About the author: Melinda Cochran is photographer and Southwest Florida resident. You can find more of her images at:  If you know of a great place for Melinda to capture wildlife in action send a message in the comments section of this post.