Rotten Neighbors

Condo Commandos and Really Bad Neighbors

This caught my attention & I thought this was kind of clever and scary all at once. The guy that invented it will probably make some bank on the add words alone, but it isn't really monitored content and surely Fair Housing laws are violated.

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The site was discovered when I was driving back from on of my Bonita Springs listings listening to talk radio 98.9 WGUF (I'm crazy like that). The Jerry Doyle show runs a piece on this guy that had crappy neighbors so he started a website called so that:

1. A person can tell the world that their neighbors are bad and what they do that is so nasty.

2. Before you move into a new area you can search by zip code to see if there are bad neighbors.

The owner of the website has already been on the Today Show on NBC, talk radio and is all over the news. The site is getting tons of traffic and it's only a few weeks old. Come on, you can't resist putting in your Bonita Springs zip code, can you? I just HAD to see who the condo commando was in my Bonita Springsneighborhood.


This is an example of what one complaint was in Fort Myers:

"jerk next door "

This guy does a redneck tune up on his crappy bike every weekend usually on Sunday morning or afternoon and doesn't even drive it! take a ride already!

The down side to this site is there are people that have posted complaints that are unfounded and motivated by hate, bigotry and discriminatory. You may just want to check your neighborhood to protect yourself and your Bonita Springs neighbors from a bad egg with a keyboard.