Rocket Fizz Naples Florida

Rocket Fizz is in Naples Florida! | 221/365 Things to Do

If you have kids they probably know this already but there is a Rocket Fizz in Naples, Florida!  I’ve passed it a few times and the other day when we were going to Costco I had Jerry pull in so I could take a photo and get a surprise for him.  Everyone familiar with Rocket Fizz knows that they have on eof the largest collections of classic candies but they also have a huge collection of exotic sodas. That’s Pop for you Ohio people. 

You can find an good old fashioned Pepsi made with sugar instead of corn syrup. It’s glorious, if you haven’t tried it.  You youngsters just don't understand how yucky corn syrup is.  The sugar Pepsi tastes just like it tasted when we were kids.  I also scored a cane sugar orange soda.  We don’t drink a lot of soda in our house so it was a treat. Jerry was totally surprised with a real sugar soda and I’m sure we’ll go back for more, soon. 

You can follow the local Naples, Florida  Rocket Fizz store on their Facebook page, here:

The address of Rocket Fizz is 6270 Naples Blvd Unit 6, Naples, FL 34109.