Riverside Park Bonita SpringsOK, so it's a non violent prank, but still, If you're like me you wonder what little smarty pants thought this was funny .... and how much did it cost the City of b to balance the fountain water again.

Get a good eyeful, it was several weeks ago when I took this photo and it's been fixed since. I was out for a run and ran past Riverside Park at about 7:00 a.m. and this is what the fountain looked liked. Photo was taken with a Treo phone so the quality isn't the greatest. This fountain is huge, by the way and that is a two story building, the historic Lyles Hotel, behind the bubbles.

So how much? Guess. Take a stab at it. My guess is $350 clams, minimum with paper shuffling, manning up and chemicals.  It is government, the organization of $100,000 hammers and such, right?

What's your guess?