Sweet Real Estate In Downtown Bonita Springs, Florida

I’ve gushed and gushed about Riverside Park. I think it’s the neatest place in Bonita Springs, I mean it’s tied with, Bonita Beach, Wonder Gardens, The Everglades, the sun, the atmosphere and those cool little chameleons running around everywhere.

Last weekend I had company in town and went to Survey Café for lunch. After lunch we crossed the street to the landing where Bamboo Village used to be. (That’s where my favorite Wizard of Oz tree is.) We crossed under the 41 bridge and went to visit the Liles Hotel. It’s closed on Sunday so we walked by the artist’s cottages.

Beyond the artist’s cottages we crossed the railroad tracks. We could have driven around to the parking place on Pennsylvania Avenue, across from The Lions Club, but took the short cut across the tracks. The trains haven’t run in some time so it is safe.

The new foot bridge at Riverside Park is now open. Remember this photo? That was the barge that was building it in October of 2009. The new foot bridge isn’t known by many people. It connects Bonita Springs’ Riverside Park and Depot Park to Island Park. Island Park is, well, and Island and the only way to get to it is via the bright red foot bridge or the innocuous path on Riverside Drive.

You’d never know what a nice piece of real estate is hiding back there if I didn’t tell you. If you’re looking for something inexpensive to do, take a walk through Island Park. Pack a few sandwiches, grab a Frisbee, a fishing pole and take your kids. There’s plenty of shade under the huge moss filled oak trees. Get some fresh air and get out from in front of that computer screen. I see you sitting there. Shoo. Be gone. It will do you good to see a new piece of Bonita Springs.