...Couldn't wait to walk at Coconut Point

Coconut Point - Crappy Drivers Welcome

It was a gorgeous morning in Florida.  Last night I watched movies and spent the night at a friend's house in Marsh Landing in Estero.  Because I usually have my gear with me I woke up and took a run with my new kix through the neighborhood and Coconut Point.  Coconut Point is a section of Estero and with dispute by some, Bonita Springs.  It is the location for the 2nd Annual Susan G Komen 5K that is coming up so I ran that race course this morning. 

I can't tell you how beautiful Coconut Point is, especially in the morning.  There have been a lot of marsh and cypress preserves saved so the area is loaded with wading birds, turtles and other wildlife.  Every bit of the area has walking paths and bike lanes so you'll see tons of other people walking, running or even riding bikes.  The group that meets at the Trek Bike Store is usually out in full force on Saturday mornings.  There's great energy in the people out and about.

A few weeks ago I was working with buyers in Rapallo at Coconut Point.  The husband says in a matter of fact manner, "My wife is a crappy driver, if anything happens to me I want her to live here so she doesn't have to get on any busy road".  [Actually he didn't say crappy, what he said rhymed with "pretty"]  I guess what he said didn't fully gel with me until I ran Coconut Point at leisure.  I've run it with my running group and even the last Komen race, but today was the first day I realized how valuable the location is to someone who has limited driving ability (crappy driver) or someone that just doesn't drive or someone who prefers to go on foot or bike. 

There would really be no reason to leave the area because the Coconut Point area has just about everything that anyone would need.  When the new Super Target opens, there will even be groceries.  Lee County even has several bus stops throughout the Coconut Point area and Coconut Point Mall.  There is a physicians center and clinic just off of Via Coconut Road and Rapallo itself offers a shuttle service to the beach, so that just about covers must-haves .

If you're looking for a great place to get in your morning walk or a find community built for convenience, put your foot to the pavement and get to know Coconut Point.

The photo is on of about a dozen spots where a pooch on the loose left his mark on the walk as it was getting installed.