Black Eye Bonita Springs Real Estate

Maybe Someone Thinks Black Eye Sores Are Sexy

Ever have one of “those days”? You know where the whole thing slides one way. You’re not sure why it happened or how to stop it?

In retrospect, as my day ended, I can share that I was grateful for my grocery cart not having a bum wheel. You know those floppy wop de wop wheels that make your car turn in circles, because it was smushed in the lot? It was the best thing that happened to me all day. I told the manager at Sweet Bay grocery who bagged my groceries so.  That's when I knew I there was a bright spot.

It was one of those days. I wasn’t blue or angry. It just was what it was and it was ending….right after I got dog food for LBD and headed home to write a sale contract. Yes, Bonita Springs real estate is *still* selling.

At any rate, I met my lovely buyers at the development they had looked in two times before. They’re ready to buy, all the stars are aligned. We meet at the gate, they follow me in and then we park at the clubhouse to consolidate vehicles and get our search on. I wait until they get in the car and they’re belted and I lock the doors (less able to escape) before I say, “I just want to show you something and I don’t want you to wonder what happened or if I need “help” or something”.

I pull my sun glasses down and show them the sporty new shiner I got at 4:30 a.m. this morning on a glass ‘o’ water run. There was a small miscalculation in the darkness of my living room. I sort of zigged when I should have zagged and met the business end of a library book case that has been in that very spot for 11 years. I don’t get what happened but I have the souvenir of the whole event.

There will be no photos. That is all I have to say about that. Almost… If you know me or see me somewhere just know that I wasn’t mugged, I didn’t lose a fight and I’m not a battered woman.

Enjoy your weekend, Bonita Springs.

PS: If you’re worried about Hurricane Ike, stalk him here: