Purchasing a Bonita Springs Home to Rent Seasonally

Bonita Springs AirbnbSo you want to AirBnB’it with a home in Bonita Springs, Florida? Here are a few things to consider that may interfere with your  plans for your Bonita Springs real estate empire. Locally there are a few rules regarding rentals in SWFL so before you get throw a plan into motion consider this:

There are rental restrictions by HOA in most circumstances. 30 Day minimum leases are the most common but some are longer.

Tenants usually have to fill out an application to join the HOA and that requires a 30 day lead time and anywhere from $50 to $150 plus back ground checks.

Many HOA’s do not allow tenants to have pets.  Worth mentioning because it can scuttle a rental when the tenants have pets.

Our peak rent prices are only during the winter months. Many homes do not rent year round for premium rent.

Most properties will not cash flow so do not assume you can earn enough rent to cover the expenses.

Taxes are charged and due by the seller on short term rentals. Failure to do so can cause stiff fines.

If your Bonita Springs home is homestead exempt you can not rent it or be subject to huge fines. 

If your dream is to own and manage short term rentals and “AirBnB it” in Bonita Springs you would have to purchase outside of a gated community without rules/regulations which means outside of a homeowner association.  Also, just because there aren’t gates doesn’t mean that there isn’t an HOA.  Sometimes there is a mild HOA in what appears to be a non-gated area. Be sure to be up front with your buyers agent about your plans after you purchase your Bonita Springs home.

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